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Letters from Santa


Would you like to receive a letter from Santa? 

Accepting requests December 5th - 15th.

Letters will be mailed out as they come in
all letters will be mailed by December 17th.


FSO Members Individual letters- $FREE

FSO Members Family letters- $FREE

Non-FSO Members Individual Letters - $5

Non-FSO Members Individual Family Letter: $10

Any questions please contact

Choose a template that best fits your family's needs. Family Letters will be modified to include proper pronouns (both, all, everyone, etc.). 

Letters will be mailed from Owings, Md.  

Letters will be mailed as they are received. The FSO cannot be responsible for letters that arrive late, or after Christmas as we are only as fast as the USPS! Deadline for submission will be 12/15/22 and mailed no later than Saturday 12/17/22. 


Each form letter can be for a child or a family. You will need to provide the first names of the children to be used. The letter(s) will be mailed to the address you provide on the form, including the "to" field. Family Letters will be modified to include proper pronouns (both, all, everyone, etc.). 

Template 1 - SHORT & SWEET

Dear _____

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’ve been busy getting ready, and I can’t wait to spread some holiday cheer! I’ve checked my list twice and I see that you’ve been extra nice! I know you’ve been working hard at school, even though it’s been tough! You’ve been so kind to others, and you’ve done a great job keeping up on all of your chores! Keep up the great work! Merry Christmas!




Template 2 - PROUD OF YOU 

Dear ___________

HO! HO! HO! My favorite time of year is almost here! The elves have been busy making toys, and we’re getting ready for Christmas! I checked the list twice myself, and I see that you’ve been extra nice! I know you’ve been working hard, and trying your best! You’ve been using your manners, and helping around the house. I’m so proud of you! Keep working hard all year! Merry Christmas!



Template 3 - ROUGH YEAR
Dear    __________

Christmas is almost here! I know you’ve had a rough year! There have been a lot of ups and downs! How do you think you did? Maybe you’ve made some poor choices, and you wish you would have done better? You might be feeling a little nervous or scared that you’re on the naughty list!    

I’m worried that you’re not on the nice list yet. I’m hopeful that you can straighten up, and pull your name off of the naughty list.  I know you have a good heart, and want to be on the nice list, so work hard!  You could try doing some chores around the house for your parents, working hard on your schoolwork, and most of all be nice to others. I always know when you're telling the truth, so remember to be honest! Last of all, think about how good your heart will feel knowing you earned your spot on the nice list! I know you can do it! Have a Merry Christmas, and I’m looking forward to you using your heart and mind to do great things!  



Template 4 - SECRET IS OUT

Dear   ______

I know you’ve been asking the question, “Is Santa real?” The truth is, there is not one single Santa. No one is Santa. Some parents fill the stockings and wrap presents, the same way their parents did for them when they were your age, but they are not Santa. I imagine someday you’ll do this for your kids. You’ll watch your kids run to the Christmas tree and squeal with delight. This won’t make you Santa, but Santa will live on through you.  

Santa is bigger than any one person. His work has gone on longer than anyone of us have ever lived. What “Santa” does is simple, but powerful. He teaches children to believe in something they cannot see or touch. It’s a big job, and an important one! Throughout your life, you will need the ability to believe. You’ll need to believe in yourself, believe in your friends, and believe in your family even though it might be tough sometimes. You’ll need to believe in things you cannot measure or hold in your hand, like love and kindness. They are great powers that will light your life from the inside out, even if you’re struggling.   

Santa is a teacher, and we are all students. He has helpers generation after generation, to help teach others to be kind, and fill others with joy. It gives you full hearts with everyone around you, both near and far. When you receive a present out of love, it’s Santa. When you see the magic in a child’s eye, and the love they have for others, it’s Santa. Santa being real isn’t the true magic, it’s the belief that love and kindness are real.

As for me, I’m not Santa. I’m someone you’ll never meet, or anyone you’d ever recognize. I’m sending a letter as “Santa” because I too am a believer in spreading kindness and love. Though I may not be ‘the” Santa, I am on his team, and now you are too. I hope you’ll help keep the magic of Santa alive for younger children who still believe.  It takes every Santa in the world to spread kindness and love, and that’s real; it’s everywhere. It is my hope that you will spend your life believing in love and kindness, through the magic of believing in Santa.    

With love and kindness,



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