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FSO Membership

Wow! What a wild ride it's been! We're back in full swing this year and we are so excited to try to get back to "normal"! The Sunderland Family & School Organization (SES FSO) would like to welcome everyone back, both returning and new families! 

What is an "FSO"

FSO stands for "Family Student Organization." We believe it best reflects our objective - to represent the entire FAMILY (not just parents, but grandparents, students, and siblings) and the entire school, not just the teachers. We want to love and support our teachers, but we recognize that there is an entire team of support staff that make Sunderland a wonderful place to learn and soar! 

What does an FSO do? 
The FSO is involved in most aspects of the Sunderland school experience. The FSO provides financial support to each teacher at SES. We support school assemblies, art and music programs, state testing initiatives, and much more! The FSO organizes parent volunteers to assist SES staff with various projects both in and outside of the classroom. This allows our teachers to focus on teaching. In addition to the day-to-day support we help bridge, we sponsor memorable events such as the Fall Festival and 5th Grade Funhouse, Winter Wonderland, Movie Nights, VIP Day and many, many more! Whether we're helping sponsor field trips or replacing playground equipment, one thing is certain, our school is a better place because our hard-working volunteers devote their time and heart into Sunderland! 

How do I join? 

 There are no paper forms to download, print or fuss with mailing in! Click the link below. We all know how stressful it can be to send things in the "backpack express" and besides, our paperless application saves on paper waste! Hooray for going Green! Our annual membership fee is $10 per family. 100% of our dues collected stays right here at Sunderland.

What is #JustGive30

This year we are embracing our mantra - "Just Give 30"! We understand that parents want to be involved but there's often a roadblock that occurs when parents who want to help feel as though they can't truly embrace their child's elementary experience because they're spending multiple hours behind a table volunteering. With #JustGive30 our goal is to have many parents step up to the plate to share the load! If everyone takes a slot of 30 minutes to help, we can all enjoy events with our children while also helping to be part of how amazing the experience is! We want to share this goal across as many events as we can! We hope that every family can give us 30 minutes this year! 

Other goals:

As we serve our families and support our school, we are doing our best to keep our community in mind. That's why we are aiming to have fundraisers that use local companies, and do as many things to give back here in Calvert and Southern Maryland! We are trying to be cognizant of our resources and tap make smart decisions when providing for the organization. We especially hope we can tap into our best resource; parents! Please share your talents with us as we are excited to have all hands on deck! Or, if you know of businesses that we can help support via a spiritnight or a fundraisers, please let us know! 

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