In preparation for another great year, we're seeking nominations for next
year's FSO (Family Student Organization) Board! You can nominate yourself, or nominate someone you think would be a great fit! Please make sure you have contact information for the person you are nominating so that we may verify their intent to run first! Nominations will run until June 1st, with Elections being held June 4th-June 6th. Click here if you'd like more information on the current board. Questions?
Email SunderlandFSO@gmail.com

President - Serves as the lead contact for the FSO. Delegates tasks, runs board member meetings and sets the agenda. 

1ST Vice President - Aides the President. Serves to coordinate activities and special committees. 

2nd Vice President - Motivates students and parents for fundraising. 

Treasurer - Records & deposits all monies, disburses authorized funds. 

Secretary - Keeps meeting minutes and correspondences of executive board. Keeps the calendar of events. 

Current 2020-2021 SES FSO Board

2020 FSO (12 of 12).jpg

Left to Right - Colleen Thompson, Sara Powell, April Corey, Niki Robshaw, Leah Smith