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In preparation for another great year, we will soon seeking nominations for next
year's FSO (Family Student Organization) Board! You can nominate yourself or nominate someone you think would be a great fit!

Please make sure you have contact information for the person you are nominating so that we may verify their intent to run first! Nominations will run until May 7th, with Elections being held May 9th.


Click here if you'd like more information on the current board



The PRESIDENT shall:

  • Preside over FSO & Executive Board Meetings. 

  • Help handle finances with the Treasurer. 

  • Oversee the committees. 

  • Coordinate and oversee other offices on the board. 

  • Oversee FSO Reps, Volunteer Coordinators & Mentoring Coordinator. 


The 1st VICE PRESIDENT shall:

  • Act as an aide to the President.

  • Oversee all facets of fundraising (boosterthon, spiritwear, spirit nights etc.), membership, landscaping & school improvement. 

  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.

  • Oversee all fundraising activities and committees in conjunction with the Treasurer and other members of the Executive Board as needed. .

The 2nd VICE PRESIDENT shall:

  • Act as an aide to the President.

  • Oversee all hospitality/social events (Fall Festival, Winter Wonderland, Etc.)

The TREASURER shall:

  • Be responsible for and have custody of all funds of this FSO.

  • Responsible for handling disbursements to Teachers/FSO events reimbursement. Must work with the President to oversee the bank account. 

  • Keep financial records for transparency/tax purposes. 

The SECRETARY shall:

  • Keep the minutes/bring to all meetings a current copy of the FSO Constitution and By-Laws. Conduct correspondence and perform all other duties assigned. 

  • Liaison with media, including area newspapers and other publications & communications chair. 


  • Oversee grade level representatives (Pre-K - 5th; one for each grade)

  • Recommend grade level representatives to members of the FSO Executive Board.

  • Oversees and helps coordinate 5th grade committee activities.

  • Chair the nomination committee.


  • Advise the FSO Board and Committee members on issues of concern for the teachers and staff. 

  • Encourage teachers/staff to participate in FSO events. 

  • Report on events and budget needs for Pre-K-5th Grade, Student Learning Specialist(s), and other educational areas (music, art, physical education) 

  • Report back to SES staff on Board activities and decisions.

Current 2023-2024 SES FSO Board

Fall Festival 23.jpg

Left to Right - Jamie Silva, Sally Wolfe, Leah Smith, Niki Robshaw, Serena Hight, Samantha Manley, Hannah Stanislawski

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