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Welcome back to 2022-2023!

Each year it seems like the first few weeks of the school-year goes by, and suddenly the holidays are upon us! It's a familiar conversation among families everywhere...what can I do to show teachers and school staff that I appreciate them? It's hard to imagine finding the right way to thank someone who has such an integral part of our children's lives, But...let's face it, as a parent, it the worst part is not knowing what to do to show that love and appreciation; it can be downright stressful! The FSO realizes that not everyone participates in gift-giving, however, in anticipation of future gift giving occasions, we opt to help alleviate some of the stress when it comes to gift giving by gathering up a short list of likes for SES Staff. Whether you're a student, parent or staff member, we all have times when we feel compelled to give from our hearts! A token of appreciation could be something as simple as a thank you card, but knowing more about someone via our "Favorite Things" forms might just be useful to you! 

If you are a staff member at SES, please take a moment to fill out our "Favorite Things" questionnaire! We know that you're always grateful when someone thinks of you, but we also know how rewarding it can be to receive something you'll love, or find useful!


Your answers will not be directly accessible on our website. Only those with the link will be able to find your form as there is no menu access via the website.

If you don't see a staff member listed, please send them the link to fill one out!


SES Staff, please click below to fill out the form!

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