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It's time for our Fun Run with Boosterthon!

Don't forget to register your child(ren)! Even if they don't collect any money, they can still receive a prize for registering and some fun school incentives!

Update as of 4/27/2024

The Fun Run was awesome! The students had a great time with the music and running their laps! At this time, we have earned more than $23,000 and still have a bonus week for donations. We look forward to meeting our goal to help redesign the Media Center.


From the Boosterthon Team Leaders:

Sunderland Families! We want to say a HUGE “Thank you!” to our students, staff, and donors for this incredible Seahawk Fun Run fundraiser.


Here are our final stats:


We raised over $23,000 for School Improvements. This will directly impact our students and staff!

Our students completed 18,130 laps combined to help our school!

We celebrated our community coming together and created unforgettable memories, including sliming our FSO President Leah, at our Seahawk Fun Run event!

Thank you for your support of our school. We’re grateful for our Sunderland community!


P.S. Giving will remain open for one more week. If you’d like to continue to give and share, head to MYBOOSTER.COM today.

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