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Join us to discover student artwork and learn
all the artists who inspired it them!
Wednesday April 12, 2022 6:30pm - 8pm

Hello Sunderland families,


I’m Ms. Lendacky and I want to welcome you to the 2023 Art and Music Exhibition entitled America the Beautiful. Each year Sunderland students create art around a central theme. This year I chose the United States of America. In some of the artwork you can see American symbols like the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty. Other students researched American cities and National Parks. For many projects, I chose American artists that embody our diverse nation. I hope you can see yourself and your neighbors reflected in the artwork and artists I selected. Take a moment to scan the QR codes or visit the FSO website to learn a little more about the artists and the projects the students completed. You can also challenge yourself or your family with an art scavenger hunt for fun or a small prize.

At 7:00, in the gym, you are welcome to enjoy a musical representation of our show theme performed by the third-grade chorus under the direction of Mrs. Fleck. I hope you take away an appreciation for all the creativity and hard work that went into this exhibition. Most students created 2 pieces of art for this show in addition to their contribution to a community artwork. Have fun finding them all!

2023 Art & Music Exhibition.jpg
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