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Yearbook Volunteers

Thank you for being your child's classroom yearbook volunteer! Here's information to help you get started! 

In order to continue the tradition of the SES Yearbook, it's going to take all hands on deck! While it won't be anything like the traditional yearbook, we strongly feel in some ways it'll be more cherished in years to come. 


By volunteering, you understand that the information you are being provided with should be used ethically and responsibly. The information should ONLY be used for yearbook purposes. Please do not use parent email addresses for personal benefit. Some examples are:

  • Adding parents to business mailing lists or self-promotions.

  • Giving email addresses to other 3rd parties such as other mutual friends.

  • Inviting parents to "like" or support other personal causes. 

  • Inviting parents/children to personal gatherings such as birthday parties, etc.


As your child's parent volunteer,  you'll need complete the following steps:   


  1. Confirm that your child's teacher knows you're his/her yearbook volunteer rep. If you're here, you should already have completed this step! You rock! 

  2. You'll need the following 2 things from your child's teacher:
    a) class list
    b) email addresses/names for parents 

  3. Download this Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the classroom information.
    Make sure you rename the file by the teacher's LAST NAME and GRADE LEVEL:
    "4th Grade - Smith"



  4. Email parents and request ONE "classroom" photo. The photo should be a clear photo of their child and be cropped in tightly on the child. It does not have to look like a "school photo" but needs to be focused on their child (no other children in the photo please!) Parents can find more information here:

  5. Rename each photo to include the child's name and teacher - this will make it easier when we assemble the yearbook! All photos need to include the child's name and teacher, and any additional information can be put in the notes section of your excel file. It's important you have contact information for each parent so that we can contact them in case we have any questions! 

  6. Send ONE email with your spreadsheet and renamed photos to: NOTE: If you use an email client that will not support a large number of files, you can prepare your photos onto a USB drive and an FSO member can pick it up from you! If you do not have a USB, we can wait outside while you load the images on a provided USB!


Encourage parents to send in additional candids from outside events; Example: SES students during sports events, youth groups, scouting or community events, etc. These "extra" photos can be emailed to us directly with the following information in the       "Candid -STUDENT NAME - TEACHER NAME and GRADE"

Questions? Email

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