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Teacher Appreciation




Monday, May 1st - You are a TREAT! 
Special treats will be delivered for all staff. Snacks & drinks will also be available in the lounge. To make a donation to help contribute, please visit this DONATION PAGE.
Tuesday, May 2nd - Taco Tuesday
A mouthwatering Taco bar will be provided by the families of 3rd - 5th grade. To help with this lunch, please visit this SIGN-UP GENIUS.  

Wednesday, May 3rd - Flowers & Thank You! 
Parents, staff, students are encouraged to write handwritten notes to all of the wonderful staff members to show appreciation! Students, bring a flower to help build a beautiful bouquets to show appreciation for staff members! 

Thursday May 4th - Soup & Salad Lunch!
 A delicious variety of soup and salads will be provided by the families of Pre-K through 2nd grade. To help with this lunch, please visit this SIGN-UP GENIUS.

Friday, May 5th - Fantastic Friday!
On Friday, we'll be providing the SES staff with a catered breakfast from a favorite local business, Dream Weaver Cafe!  They'll enjoy choosing a random envelope from our gift-card tree! To donate a gift card, please visit this SIGN-UP GENIUS. We are asking for 100 gift cards, with the typical donation is $25, but we appreciate the generosity of any denomination! 

How can parents & students share their appreciation? 

The FSO would appreciate any donations to help support teacher appreciation week! We need parents and students who can write notes of appreciation for their teachers!  We also need monetary donations to help offset the costs to provide sweets, flowers and the catered lunch. We would also love any donations of individually wrapped (purchased; not homemade) treats or goodies to provide to teachers in the staff lounge. Last of all, if you'd like to create a poster to hang on the fence that week, please do so! Show some appreciation by letting your child's creativity run wild by designing a poster!  Let's spoil our hardworking teachers! 
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