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Still need to become an APPROVED VOLUNTEER? Click the "Get Approval" button. Have you applied previously and you're unsure if you received approval? Search your email for "Raptor System <>".

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have applied it can take 2 or more weeks to receive approval. If you applied more than 2 weeks ago, please call the front office and inquire about the status.

As we start preparing for Field Day in May, please make sure that you are an APPROVED VOLUNTEER. For safety and security, we will require that ANYONE who wants to attend the Field Day event must be an APPROVED VOLUNTEER. Any adult who comes to school events where they will be interacting with the students (which is part of the fun) must be an APPROVED VOLUNTEER. In the past, we had spectators but they still wanted to interact with students and we did not limit that. However, as the elementary schools across CCPS have been working together towards more consistency, it became apparent from the policy and practices descriptions that spectators do not interact with the students; they simply watch. We do not have the staff to monitor this effectively therefore, all of those- parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc who want to be a part of the Field Day, MUST BE AN APPROVED VOLUNTEER. We will have a list of approved volunteers and only they will be permitted to join us. You will not need to preregister this year (this has been decided collectively). You will check in with the table and we will issue the wristband like last year. If someone is not an APPROVED VOLUNTEER, they will not be permitted to attend the school based Field Day. Every parent has been encouraged to complete the process since before school started in August of 2023. We hope to make it a great day for all!


If you are an APPROVED VOLUNTEER and would like to volunteer for Field Day, 5/31, please sign up for only ONE (1) slot. If you can stay longer than the ONE (1) please note that in the comments section of your sign up. We are trying to ensure all who want to sign up to volunteer have the opportunity. If you would like to spectate, there is no need to sign up, but you MUST be an APPROVED VOLUNTEER or you will be turned away at check-in.

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